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As a prayer partner you will receive regular updates about specific needs of people and happenings. Your prayers will play a crucial part in creating a space for effective ministry.

Click here to receive updates.


The Green Leaf Community is a recognized nonprofit in with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. You will receive an end of the year tax credit receipt for monthly support, an endowment, or one time gift.

here to learn more.


Share our story with your church and friends to give them an opportunity to become involved too. Giving a prayer request, posting on social media, or telling the latest interesting story are just a few ways to be a representative of GLC.


Our community is interested in you discovering the opportunity that fits your passion, giftedness, and interest. So, we offer a wide range of ministries in both conventional forms and creative forms.

Click here for a few ideas.


If your time is limited but you still want to be involved in someone's life in a meaningful way, consider volunteering. We can use your help with everything from cookouts to music, seminars to games, food distribution to mentoring. 


Get Involved

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