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The following values reflect the heart of the Green Leaf Community:


Hopefulness -   We recognize that God is always at work in our lives, in our communities, and in                               the world.


Process -          We are on a continuing journey of becoming who God says we are in Christ.  


Authenticity -   We promote an atmosphere where we can openly reveal our past, our struggles,                               and our hopes while finding supportive encouragement.  


Graciousness -  We extend understanding, forgiveness, and compassionate truth to each other in                              our struggles and failures.    


True Identity -  We encourage each other to live out of our true identity as God’s beloved children. 


Prayerfulness - We persistently pray so that we may acknowledge our dependence upon and                                   express our cooperation with God.


Love -                We love one another and our community because we have tasted God’s                                            extravagant love for us. 

Our Values

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