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We imagine people whose personal journeys are realized in community and who value real, authentic relationships.  They value the process of the Christian life and are living out of their true identity in the unforced rhythms of grace.  Their personal lives are flourishing as they become like Jesus and are characterized by hopefulness, graciousness, and open-eyed optimism.


We imagine individuals who are redeemed and then restored from addictions, emotional wounds, and depression.  They are growing in a relationship with God which is reflected in moral character, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.  


We imagine a changing society that addresses oppression, racial prejudice, economic deprivation, joblessness, and other inequities.  


We imagine a community of believers where diversity is seen as a strength. They embrace mystery and see creation, history, and life as supernatural from beginning to end.  


We imagine leaders who have been given the right to lead through trust and relationship.  They lead by listening and learning from God and others.  These leaders are fellow journeyers and live vulnerable lives.

Our Vision

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